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Defining Mindfulness Coaching

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

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Mindfulness Coaching is a relatively new discipline in the world of coaching. At Conscious Together, we have chosen to use the tool of Mindfulness to help create the change we want in our lives. While Mindfulness has been effective in diagnostic medicine, it has equally brought peace of mind and conscious awareness to us others who lead a very stable family and work life.

So what is the promise of Mindfulness?

A rather popular term these days, Mindfulness is the quality of the mind to be present, and fully aware in the current moment. Bringing with us a quality of curiosity, compassion and non-judgement to our current experiences, and accepting our experiences, without wanting to change them.

Mindfulness has been scientifically proven to have many health benefits like reduce depression, heal nervous system disorders and cognitive disorders in patients of various ages. Psychotherapists have been using this tool for the last several years with success.

Preventive benefits of Mindfulness have been seen in individuals who experience high stress in their jobs, like the police force or the military and more recently even at workplaces. Mindfulness has shown to improve executive control (working memory, cognitive control and attention) with just a week long practice of bringing the mind's attention to the present moment.

This important skill helps reduce overthinking, anxiety and observe self-limiting beliefs that play out in our psyche everyday.

a. Mindfulness shows promise in relieving stress through bringing our awareness to the how the body reacts during a crisis, reducing the time we spend on worrying about the past or the future.

b. Mindfulness also recognises the impact of thoughts on our behaviour. A popular adage "We become what we think" is now backed by research showing how our thoughts change the chemical balances in our brains to re-create our thoughts into reality.

c. Mindfulness is best used as tool in problem solving, to bring clarity into murky situations and complex negotiations. This tool will help you see more clearly the intentions and perceptions the person in front of you, because you listen to them with curiosity, non-judgement and compassion. This would help you react less in unhelpful ways during stress situations, decreasing the risk of depleting relationships.

While you make this sea change in your perception and behaviour patterns, you'll need a guide, an anchor/mentor and companion to help you process the change and keep you aligned to your intention. This is where Conscious Together can support you.

The Role of a Mindfulness Coach: A coach is a partner, a mentor and companion that can help you remain in the mindset of being present and making conscious choices, aligned to your intentions for the future.

a. As in any habit we create, a coach would stay with you on the mindfulness journey until you identify the thoughts and habit patterns that limit you.

b. A coach will work with you on helping you observe areas in your life that work on automatic pilot to help you design them with intention

c. And essentially, the coach will share their unique perspectives based on their professional work experiences and education on practical steps that you would take to improve a relationship at work, home or within the family

Using the tool of Mindfulness to observe your thoughts, your self-talk, a coach will help you unlearn patterns and create new, healthier habits of thought, embedded in compassion and your intention and goals for your future.

What is Mindfulness then? Is it Meditation?: While meditation remains a part of becoming more mindful, it is not the ONLY way. Mindful movement, mindful eating, mindful listening, are some of the tools are coaches work with. Starting off with an initial dialogue on your needs and goals, our coaches and you will work on a collaborative, time tracked approach on making your intentions, a reality.

At Conscious Together, we are committed to a secular, neuroscience backed, research based techniques for effective body-mind awareness and healing. Our coaches come with years of professional corporate careers and also education in trauma healing and Mindfulness modalities to help unleash your potential and redefine your impact.

Reach out to us through website - to work together!

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