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3 reminders to remain a Mindful Manager and/or Leader as we prepare to #getbacktowork

P.C. Randy Rizo

As we #getbacktowork in some countries, more than others, here are some reminders to remain mindful of your teams who’ve worked through tough situations at home, kids in tow and grief through the pandemic.

a. Your team may need more compassion: This may look like your team needs a few more reminders on their tasks or that they need a small pat on the back to keep going or an ‘unofficial’ email authentically sharing how much their work and support meant to you and the organisation at large.

b. Your team may need less obligation: Often as managers, we want our employees to be grateful for being employed by our organisations. However, if our employees are allowed to let that insecurity fall away, they make far more productive, engaged team members, partnering in the team’s performance.

And no, not all of them will do it because they want your role!

If you are secure in your relationship with your management team, you will also create that space for your team members.

c. You team may need a bit more of your engagement and time: Good teams that function seamlessly learn to motivate each other over a period of time.

However, as a manager and leader, they will look for your direction and to learn from you. So, give them that time, even when they perform well, and you will see that Magic they create at work!

A mindful approach to re-transition teams into our workplaces give us the opportunity to build stronger relationships, transform our routines and improve our performance overall. Let’s bring the joy #backtowork!

Leave us a comment on what your thoughts are about these tips. We would love to hear from you!

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