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All you need to

Unleash the
Power of Awareness

A comprehensive solution for workplace well-being designed to improve Self-Efficacy,  Focus, and Performance.

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Insightful Leadership

Empowered with neuroscience backed tools, leaders are able to remain creative, vulnerable yet determined in reaching their teams' goals. 


Conscious Cohorts 

It's not just about individual well-being, it's about creating an environment where teams easily work together and peak performance is achieved.

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Mindfulness Interventions

An amply simple yet powerful tool, that allows you to de-stress, balance and stay happy! 

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Download Conscious Together! 

A stand-alone alternative to any other meditation app, gift your teams with Power of Awareness! 

Empowering teams to become self-efficacious, with their responses to situations becomes easier with the product. 

Why subscribe to the app?

Cost Efficient

Burnout and Stress Reduction

Improved Employee Engagement

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 Numbers Speak


People who practice mindfulness say it helps their memory.


Women reported perceived stress owing to individual demands and commitment


consumed, problems multiplied: social stunting, sleep-deprived, anxious minds.

Are you a Licensed Professional?

Join our highly experienced team of therapists, psychologists and coaches to bring well-being and happiness to the workforce 

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Words From our Clients

“The event as a whole inspired me to be more mindful and to be more supportive of my teammates when we are not doing well.”


Team Member, Hong Kong Scottish Rugby Team

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