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Mindfulness Interventions

In the fast-paced business world, leaders face many challenges.From navigating complex logistics to managing their own emotional well-being.
Amidst this pressure, we offer a powerful tool to create a foundational toolkit for leaders to bring productivity, focus and resolve. Based on the principles of mindfulness, and mental training, the tool supports leaders to think creatively, conflict constructively and communicate empathically with their teams and stakeholders.


Introduction to Mindfulness

The course is aimed understanding the nature of our mind, and learning about attention and the awareness to make a choice in a given situation. Bringing distinction to experiencing versus knowing while learning how we can change our outcomes when we respond rather than react.


Mindfulness as a Lifestyle

Our thoughts create our reality and while some are joyful, there are some that could deplete our energy and zest for life. When we change our perspective, we change our reality. Learn about how our minds drive us into automatic pilot behavior and how this affects our daily lives and routines. With consciously practicing to remain present in the moment, gradually every activity in our lives could become a practice of mindfulness. Taught by experienced Mindfulness Teachers, the course includes recordings of meditations for daily practice


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Mindfulness Magic

Extraordinary Meditation Teachers 

An evolving meditation library 

Reflections Journals and more.

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