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Leadership Consultant and Mindfulness Teacher

Lorien is a creative and energetic powerhouse of solutions for enhancing mental health and wellbeing in the personal and corporate space and has experience supporting large financial and retail institutions. 


An experienced mental health and wellbeing therapist and advocate he has spent 6 years developing his skills in providing businesses and individuals with simple, practical, and effective tools to enhance their felt sense of experience, both within the professional and private elements of their lives. 


As well as sharing these simple solutions on a variety of social media platforms he writes blogs and articles on wellbeing and wellbeing solutions and his work has been used by the National Hypnotherapy Society in its publications. 


He has supported wellbeing initiatives with the UK’s NHS, including work within the extremely emotionally pressured environments of maternity functions and end of life hospice care.  He has also supported wellbeing programmes in the financial services sector an environment he has extensive professional experience In. 


Always looking to enhance his experience and value in this field Lorien is continually expanding his professional development, devouring quality textbooks and journals in this space with the latest from leaders in psychology and neuroscientific research. 


Before moving into this space he spent 20 years in the financial services sector including 12 years at J.P. Morgan performing various leadership and programme management roles within their Worldwide Securities Service division including Client Management, New Business and Fiduciary positions. 

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MBCT and MBSR Trained Mindfulness Teacher

Oliver is the founder of Irvine Mindfulness Center. He has practiced traditional meditation for 15 years, following today’s greatest Masters.  He has also extensively studied treatises. He has also been trained by the MBCT-L teacher’s program offered by Oxford University Mindfulness Foundation and the MBSR program by Stanford University.

He has taught practice during his work as senior management in a Forbes 1000 firm as well as past time. Audiences are from both Chinese and English-speaking communities, among which many benefited.


在当代正念方面,接受了牛津大学MBCT-L 师资培训和斯坦福大学-美中心理MBSR师资培训。也曾经多年担任全球福布斯1000公司海外机构高管。多年坚持公益的方式带领华人西人社区的禅修练习,很多人得到受益。

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Mindfulness Coach and Leadership Consultant

Avanti is the Co-Founder and CEO of Conscious Together, a platform dedicated to improving mental health and well-being.  She contributes to social change by advocating tools that support prevention of stress, anxiety and depression, specifically, through the tool of Mindfulness.  

As a Mindfulness teacher trained at the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation, she brings a deep understanding of the transformative power of mindfulness in fostering mental well-being. This foundation serves as a guiding light in the development of Conscious Together's programs and initiatives.

With a rich corporate background and experience in diverse international cities - Stockholm, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Bangalore, Avanti embodies a unique approach in building trust and creating authentic engagement with stakeholders and individuals alike.

Avanti took to expanding her knowledge and mindset after she assisted the teaching faculty with research based on the Psychology of Diversity at the Harvard Extension School. In 2020, she earned a Master's degree in Psychology from the University of Hong Kong. This academic background fuels her commitment to evidence-based approaches and best practices.

A parent of two promising young boys, she enjoys cooking and reading with them, while remaining curious about her parenting experiences.

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