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Our Mission: Mindful Million

The mission of Conscious Together is to introduce mindfulness practices to a minimum of a million individuals, thereby empowering them to take control over their emotions, reduce suffering and align them with their higher purpose.

Unhinging patterns

As leaders in an organization, we realise the incredible potential we could unlock with a little attention. Examining deeply set routines, behaviour and thought processes allows us to break away from unhelpful patterns, as we nurture new ways of working and collaborating.


Emotional Resilience

By fostering emotional resilience, workplaces cultivate teams that tackle growth with resilience, creativity, and a relentless drive. An emotionally resilient workforce is a critical for turning adversity into a catalyst for growth and success

Collective Wellbeing

Prioritizing collective well-being promotes collaboration, empathy, and a shared sense of purpose, leading to stronger, more resilient communities and organizations. Share with us, your best ideas to bring to the workplace.

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Our Team

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Leadership Consultant and Mindfulness Teacher


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MBCT and MBSR Trained Mindfulness Teacher

United States

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Leadership Consultant and Mindfulness Teacher

United Kingdom


Integrate Conscious Together with your Employee Assistance Program 

Key Highlights

Access to a community of licensed mental health practitioners

Personalised gamification experience

Exceptional Mindfulness Instructors

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