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For HR Managers

Create your corporate logins to then invite your organisation to try the app. 

Emotion Tracker

Understand and monitor your emotions in realtime.

Voice Journal

Effortlessly capture your thoughts and reflections with the power of your voice.

Guided Meditation

Find calm and focus with expert led meditation sessions - based on your individual needs.

Habit Cultivator

Build and monitor positive routines, progressing towards your personal orprofessional goals

Analytics and Support

Gain insights into your ownemotions and get helpfulguidence. All in a safe andfunfilled environment!

Perks you get with the app

Burnout and Stress Reduction

Rejuvenated employees with restored balance through the app's neuroscience-based features.

Improved Employee Engagement

Stronger team bonding due to reduced stress levels and improved emotional resilience.

Cost Efficient

Comprehensive well-being solution at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.

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Highly adaptable service package designed to meet the unique needs of any organization.

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For Licensed Professionals

Lets work together, to improve mental health hygiene and routines!

Explore our tracking tool meant to support all  ICF Coaches, Psychologists and Psychotherapists to organise appointments and schedules.

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