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3 reasons to work with a Mindfulness Coach

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

PC: Dan Burton on UnSplash

AND then, there are days when we feel like nothing we do is good enough or that something needs to be different and if we just went along with the status quo, we risk losing everything of value to us. Especially, if you are re-thinking your priorities through the pandemic. Looking at our relationships with our closest ones during the lockdown or be it working within our teams in difficult/ different situations.

Our environment, our jobs, our communities, sometimes force us to mask on - to an extent that we become unrecognisable to ourselves, pressed to live the persona others want to see in us or expect of us, rather than what brings us, that joy. We become enmeshed in our responsibilities and must-dos, reserving very little time and energy towards ourselves.

This stress created between 'what we are innately' and 'what others want us to be' keeps increasing making it more and more difficult, for our minds and bodies.

Research has shown the effects of this stress showing up in our body, in the form of auto-immune disorders, gastrointestinal disorders and mental health issues, to the very least.

Mindfulness has been celebrated, branded in different ways, but they all mostly do one thing - bring us closer to the person we are - unfinished, imperfect, yet astonishingly complete persona, that keeps us happy and less stressed.

It is time to see a Mindfulness Coach when -

1. You are up against a wall and feel trapped in a relationship/work situation

2. You are constantly busy, constantly.

3. Your mind is constantly thinking of the next thing, next day, next event, next meal, etc.

Our Mindfulness and Trauma-informed Coaches offer you tools to have conversations with people who matter the most, about topics that matter the most.

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