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Conscious Cohorts

Uniting Minds, Elevating Teams!

Coaching takes on a new hue, when a neuroscience backed mindfulness lens is applied. The ability to powerfully recognise the lattice of beliefs and limitations enables designing a new way of thinking and creating the futures that we call ambitions.

Conscious Cohorts is a transformative coaching program designed to foster collaborative excellence. It blends mindfulness practices with innovative team-building strategies, enhancing communication, empathy, and collective problem-solving. This program guides teams towards conscious cooperation, unlocking their potential for higher productivity and a more harmonious work environment.


Understanding Teams' Expectations

Finding the team's epicentre of conflicts and work clogs



Honing our strengths and acknowledging our flaws


Optimize Performance

Visualising the optimal day at work, and getting there


Embrace Emotional Intelligence

Breakouts and discussions, based on emotional intelligence tools


Reach out to us to discuss how we can promote a mindful work culture!

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Your Pocket Partner

Coaching on the go!

Anonymised, private and confidential

Multi-language journal

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