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Leadership Training

In the fast-paced business world, leaders face many challenges.From navigating complex logistics to managing their own emotional well-being.
Amidst this pressure, we offer a powerful tool to create a foundational toolkit for leaders to bring productivity, focus and resolve. 

Based on the principles of mindfulness, and mental training, our program supports leaders to think creatively, conflict constructively and communicate empathically with their teams and stakeholders.

The program focuses on giving leaders mind tools to re-focus, remain in-distractible, while improving performance and relationships with their teams.


Information-packed Sessions

Crisp, repeatable and practical course material


Blended learning Modules

Self-directed training modules, customised per need


Individual Coaching

Coaching sessions aligned with personal and professional goals


Working with Silence

Bringing silence in, to remain present yet aware of goals and ambitions


Reach out to us to discuss how we can promote a mindful work culture!

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Mindfulness Magic

Monthly Reports

Emotion Regulation Methods

Gamified User Experience

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